Why Is My Winix Air Purifier Blinking? Find Out Now!

Winix air purifiers do an excellent job in maintaining the air quality inside your building or house. It comes in very handy as a product in your household and is very easy to maintain as well.

But sometimes, it lands into some troubleshooting situations where you need to check back if it is working properly or not.

Among all the troubleshooting, the blinking red lights in the air purifier are the most common problem to address. So, it might lead to the question — why is my Winix air purifier blinking? There might be a couple of reasons behind this, like bad air quality, dirty filters, and damaged power outlet.

Let’s learn about the reasons in detail why the air purifier blinks.

Reasons Why Winix Air Purifier Is Blinking

One of the most common reasons for the air purifier to blink is dirt entering the system and hampering its functionality. Usually, it indicates changing the filters of your purifier. But there might also be many other reasons behind it.

1.    Bad Air Quality

The blinking in your Winix air purifier might be happening due to the air quality being poor. The air might be polluted, so the air purifier gives it a signal to clean it up. This would need you to clean the filters and sensors of the air purifier.

Bad air quality not only makes it unhealthy for you to live in but also comes with an unpleasant feeling inside your house. So, you must quickly take action against this.

2.    Damaged Power Outlet

Other than an indicator for cleaning out the filters of your air purifier, the blinking light may also indicate the circuit breaker getting tripped. It might also create problems in turning on your air purifier.

It means your power outlet is damaged. For this, you will need to reset the whole system and check the power chord you have been using for this.

At first, try changing the power chord. If it doesn’t work, then replace the power cord with a new one. Now, try turning on the device and see if works properly or not. If you are not a technician or haven’t worked on these things before, bring an expert technician to check the air purifier and change the power cord.

3.    Dirty Filters

The filters on your air purifier are the most vital part of the device. When it gets clogged with dirt or molds start to grow on it, the air purifier starts dysfunctioning. This can also be a reason for the red blinking light on your air purifier.

Turn off the air purifier and clean the filters properly using cleaners. If it is irrecoverable, then consider changing the filters and getting a new one. The bacteria and fungus growing inside the filters might now just go with cleaning.

So, consider replacing them in such kinds of situations, or it might create a bigger problem next time.

4.    Dirty Sensors

The sensors of your air purifier are very sensitive, and any dirt accumulation inside it would cause problems for the device. This might also be a reason for the red blinking light on your air purifier.

Clean the sensors using brushes with soft bristles or a light vacuum. Make sure to clean out the extra moisture in the sensors using dry clothes. Now try to turn on the device.

Final Words

The Winix air purifier is an amazing device to use. But not taking care of it properly would cause it to have problems like shutting down or blinking red lights. So, regularly check if your air purifier is functioning properly or not.

Last Updated on January 13, 2023

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