Why Is My New Comfort Air Purifier Humidifier Not Working? the Answer May Surprise You!

It can be very frustrating when a newly bought comfort air purifier humidifier stops working. But before you go ahead and replace that purifier with a new one, you should ask yourself, why is my new comfort air purifier humidifier not working?

There can be multiple reasons for this. It can be faulty hardware, power consumption issue, environment & measurement-related issues, or others.

And in this article, we will point out all of them so you can find out which is the reason behind your purifier not working. By figuring out the reason, you can find solutions that will save a lot of time & money!

Possible Reasons for New Comfort Air Purifier Humidifier to Not Work

There can be one or multiple reasons why a new comfort air purifier humidifier isn’t functioning properly. But whatever the reason they should be similar to the ones mentioned here:

1. Faulty Hardware

Arguably one of the main reasons why a new comfort air purifier humidifier will stop working is faulty hardware. There are a lot of parts in an air purifier that can go wrong. From mistimed timer to damaged circuit breaker everything should be taken into consideration.

The parts that are likely to go wrong in this situation are:

  • The fans
  • Timer
  • Circuit breaker
  • Motherboard
  • Display
  • Air vent
  • Motor
  • Flabellum
  • Covers

Symptoms of hardware damage are noticeable quite easily. This is because if a hardware malfunction occurs inside an air purifier there will be an effect on the sound pattern of the air filter. It will be abnormal.

You will either get a no sound or large popping sounds. If you hear pop sounds then you can be assured of the fact that it is an electrical issue.

In this case, we recommend that you plug off the filter immediately and seek professional help.

On the other hand, sometimes the problem can be as simple as a dust-filled dust cover. Just clean it up and the air purifier will start to work just fine.

2. Environmental Factors

Sometimes it is not the air purifier that is to blame. The place where you place your air purifier should also meet the purifier’s capability. This means your air purifier should be placed in a room where it can cover the entire room completely.

If you place your air purifier in a room that is too big for it to cover then it won’t work properly. The same goes for putting it very close to the wall. An air purifier should be placed at least twelve inches away from a wall.

There shouldn’t be any air leak into the room from the outside as well. Also, if the room is polluted and way too humid for the purifier to handle, then it won’t be able to function optimally at all.

3. Power Consumption Issues

Another reason why your new comfort air purifier humidifier isn’t functioning can be electrical power consumption.

If the power consumption of the purifier isn’t stable then it won’t function. Higher consumption can lead to a circuit breaker, and low consumption will ensure that the device doesn’t power on at all.

The same goes for your electric power source as well. Too much will overload the purifier’s system, while too low won’t power it up at all.

4. Simple Issues

In some cases, the reason why a new comfort air purifier humidifier is not working is due to not setting it up properly, misplacement during parts attachment, or not taking care of the system by cleaning the accumulated dirt and dust.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; these can be the reasons for your new comfort air purifier humidifier not working. So, check if your air purifier’s condition matches the mentioned reasons and take action depending on that. Best of luck!

Last Updated on December 31, 2022

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