Dyson 999: Why Is My Dyson Air Purifier Showing 999?

The Dyson air purifiers are arguably one the most well-known air purifiers currently out on the market. While there are many pros regarding this air purifier, one common issue that users find is the Dyson 999 error on PM2.5 & PM10 scans.

Are you suffering from the same issue and wondering why is my Dyson air purifier showing 999?

The simple answer is that the sensor on your air purifier has detected a large amount of small and big particulate matter. This is ranked as a severe issue in the air and means you need to take instant action to save your home.

But there is more to this, and that is exactly what we will describe in this guide.

Why Is the Fan & the App Showing 999 in the First Place?

Now before we go and find the fix for the Dyson 999 problems let’s understand why the phone app and the fan is showing severe PM levels.

PM level or particulate matter level refers to the amount of small and large dust particles which can trigger breathing issues along with asthma attacks that are present in the air.

The Dyson air purifier uses PM2.5 to detect small dust particles and PM10 for large dust particles, the sensor is the same for both detection processes. When 999 or severe PM levels show, it can only mean that the sensors are detecting an extreme amount of dust particles in the air.

Unless it is a major natural air-related disaster, it is impossible. Then why is it showing 999?

This is because the sensor of your Dyson air purifier is likely to be clogged up. Or has stopped functioning properly. There aren’t any other options than these two.

How to Fix Dyson 999 Problem?

As mentioned earlier there are two reasons why you might be encountering 999 on your Dyson air purifier. The first probable reason is that your sensor is clogged up with dust and dirt, and the second is a failed sensor.

If you have a failed or problematic sensor, then the only option that you have is to replace it. You can repair it also, but sometimes the cost margin between repairing an air purifier sensor & replacing it completely is very low.

And repaired sensors tend to go bad pretty soon after the initial repairment. So, it is not the trouble that you should go through.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from a clogged sensor, then you should take the following steps to clean your sensor:

Step 1: Locate the Sensor

Sensors in every Dyson model are located under the cutouts of the case. Generally, they are under the front fan. Just open up the case take out the fan and you should be able to find the sensor without any trouble.

Make sure to unplug the plug properly; otherwise, you might end up damaging it during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Clean the Sensor

Use a dusting brush or microfiber cloth to clean the sensor. You shouldn’t opt for water-based cleaning as this will only do more harm than good to your Dyson air purifier.

Once the initial cleaning is complete, you can use a vacuum cleaner and take out all the dust inside and around the sensor.

This can take a bit of time, so don’t rush and take your time while cleaning the sensor.

Step 3: Put Everything Back & Test

Now just do everything backward, connect the plug of the fan, put the fan back in its place, and put on the case covers.

Next, just power up your Dyson air purifier and see if it still shows 999. If you have done everything right, then you won’t be seeing the 999-error message, and the air purifier will start to work again. 

Final Thoughts

The 999 error code is Dyson means you are living in a toxic environment filled with dust particles in the air. But this can’t occur suddenly and the error code is mostly triggered due to some issues with the PM sensor.

Hopefully, this provides you with all the information regarding why is your Dyson air purifier showing 999. So, use this article as a guide, and best of luck with your Dyson air purifiers.

Last Updated on September 4, 2022

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