Why Is My Air Purifier Making Noise? Find Out the Reasons Here!

When you’re using your air purifier, you might encounter moments when it starts making odd noises. So, why is my air purifier making noise? There can be a few reasons, such as dust and objects stuck in there. In this article, we’ll be looking at them in detail and their fixes.

What Type of Noises Can Your Air Purifier Make?

Your air purifier usually does not make any noise as they are designed to work while emitting almost no sound. Some even have silent modes so that you won’t have to worry about the noise. However, there are certain noises you need to be on the lookout for:

  1. Beeping

Some air purifiers will beep to alert you. The most common alert is often an alert telling you to clean it. This beeping is often also accompanied by a light on the machine going on and off.

The light will showcase a symbol that can help give you an idea of what the issue is. Refer to your instruction manual to understand the symbol.

  1. Sudden Loud Noises

Your air purifier can make sudden loud noises be it rattling or even a loud cracking sound. When you encounter these types of noises, it can be because of components inside the air purifier being damaged. Usually, these types of noises are a huge warning, and you should properly pay attention to them.

Reasons Why Your Air Purifier Makes Noises

Since we’ve covered two types of noises your air purifier can make, let’s see the reasons why these noises can occur:

  1. Accumulated Dust

Dust can accumulate inside the air purifier. This can end up affecting the performance of your air purifier. Your air purifier will alert you via a beeping alert when there’s a certain amount of dust inside the machine.

  1. Foreign Objects

Though rare, sometimes foreign objects can end up being inserted into the air purifier. These can end up disturbing the flow of the air purifier and can cause it to make loud sounds.

  1. Damaged Components

One common thing that can happen is that your air filter can end up being damaged or clogged.

The air filter is an essential part of the air purifier, so when it is damaged or clogged, you can experience loud noises and a decrease in performance. Aside from the air filter, other components can be checked, so you might need to perform maintenance or repair from time to time.

Ways to Fix the Noises

You can attempt to do a few things to make sure your air purifier stops making some of these noises. These include:

  1. Maintenance and Repair

If the cause of the noise is due to damaged components, you will need to have it checked. If required, you may need to repair or replace components.

  1. Cleaning the Insides

If the noise is because of dust, you want to disassemble the air purifier and clean the various parts. This should stop the beeping.


Why is the purifier making odd noises? The answer can be damaged parts or dust getting inside the air purifier. Check on your air purifier from time to time to avoid such issues.

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

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