Why Is Invisible Air Purifier Stuck In Yellow Status?

The Invisible air purifier is considered a modern air purifier because it comes with a handy indicator light. Its purpose is to help you identify the air purifier’s status.

Usually, the indicator is supposed to be blue. However, it may also be yellow under certain circumstances.

Thinking why is invisible air purifier stuck in yellow status?

Chances are that something’s wrong with the device or its surroundings. The indicator light usually turns yellow when the pre-filter is too dirty, the fan speed isn’t adequate, or the sensor stops working properly.

Why Your Invisible Air Purifier Is Stuck in Yellow Status

In this section, we’ll go through multiple reasons that may be triggering the yellow status in your Invisible air purifier.

Dirty Pre-Filters

One of the most common reasons behind the yellow status in air purifiers is dirty pre-filters. The pre-filters are removable.

They must be cleaned often, otherwise, they catch a lot of dust and grime. When they get too dusty, the invisible air purifier turns yellow to indicate that you need to clean the pre-filters.

It’s a very easy process. You just have to remove the filters and clean them with a brush or a hose.

Dusty Sensors

There are multiple sensors on the side of the air purifier. The main function of these sensors is to identify the air quality of its surrounding.

Now, if the sensor gets too dusty, then it gives off inaccurate readings, which ultimately leads to the yellow light.

Simply cleaning the sensors will revert the light to blue or green.

Inappropriate Fan Speed Level

The Invisible air purifiers can capture small particles of even 2.5 microns. These particles are finer than even human hair.

However, the fan of the air purifier needs to be set to a specific level to capture these tiny particles.

We’ve discussed the sensor already. If the sensor detects a high presence of PM2.5 particles around it, then it’ll try to clean them.

But, if the fan level is set to low, it won’t be able to suck the particles in. In such cases, the fan triggers a yellow indicator light.

Just check the PM2.5 level on the purifier through the app. If it’s high, just set the fan speed to the highest level as well. This will solve the problem.

Open Windows and Doors

Open windows and doors let a lot of dust into the room. This increases the particle level in the air, which can’t be reduced by the air purifier.

Thus, the indicator light stays yellow.

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I guess you should be clean on now why is Invisible air purifier stuck in yellow status. After learning what causes the air purifier to stay yellow, you can take the necessary steps to solve the problem!

Last Updated on May 19, 2023

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