Why Does My Air Purifier Turn Red? the Answer Is Here

Air purifiers have some lights to help you get more efficient use out of the appliance. However, if you randomly see a red light on in your air purifier, quite naturally this can distress you. A whole bunch of scary thoughts can cross your mind, including the very common; ‘is my air purifier going to blast?’.

For all of you wondering why does my air purifier turn red, we have a clear-cut answer for you here. Additionally, we’ll be discussing how to troubleshoot this issue.

Why Does My Air Purifier Turn Red?

There are a few reasons why the red light on your air purifier might be on. Although the meaning of the red light is slightly different for each brand, we will be giving you an overall general idea. Along with each of the reasons below, we will also give you suggestions on how to fix it.

Too Many Pollutants in the Air

The lights in the air purifier usually indicate the quality of the air with different colors. Green light means good quality, yellow means moderate quality, and red indicates that there are too many pollutants in the air and the quality is horrible.

To fix this issue, you can shift the purifier to another room with exposure to fewer pollutants such as smoke or fumes from outside. You might need to get an air purifier with a larger capacity for the room where it keeps on turning red.

This is because a smaller air purifier cannot purify all the air in a large space, it can clog the filters, which can reduce the effectiveness of the appliance substantially.

Clogged Air Filter

You must know that air purifiers work by taking in air from the room through some air filters and giving out purified air. The air filter removes the pollutants, dust, and smoke particles. Over time, if you do not clean the appliance regularly the air filter can become clogged.

The red light may be gone after you clean the filter and the surrounding area. However, if it is still red then there is a high chance that you need to replace the filter to fix this problem.

Random Error

Since air purifiers run on electricity, there is always a possibility that the sensors are having electrical issues which can turn the red light on without a cause. We must tell you that this case is actually a bit rare. However, in case you face it, we have the solution for you.

All you have to do is reset the sensors. The process of resetting the sensors will vary depending on the model of your air purifier. Therefore, we would suggest you read the user manual of your model, or if you’ve lost it, you can easily find the instructions online.

Final Words

Seeing your air purifier might switch you into panic mode and can send you spiraling thinking, why does my air purifier turn red? From what you’ve read, you can tell this issue is not that serious and can be easily resolved.

If you notice that the reason behind the red light is horrible air quality, then you should be slightly concerned because this means that this air is not safe for you!

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

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