Why Does My Air Purifier Smell Like Plastic? Find the Reason Here!

While air purifiers are generally amazing appliances, just like other appliances, they too can have complications sometimes. Users often complain, why does my air purifier smell like plastic?

This foul plastic smell can be coming from the appliance for a variety of reasons such as burning plastic or broken filter. To help you figure out why your air purifier might be producing this foul smell, we have a whole list of reasons below!

1. Trapped Molding Plastic Fumes

When air purifiers are being manufactured in factories, the plastic parts inside are molded by heat or other processes. At times, during the molding process, plastic fumes are given off, but they cannot escape the purifier and get stuck inside.

So, when you plug your appliance into the power socket, it turns on and gives off this plastic smell.

2. It’s Just a New Appliance

For the most part, your air purifier will initially have this plastic or sweet smile because it is simply new. The new carbon filter in the purifier is the root of this plastic smell. If you detect this smell after turning on the machine, it is a good indication that the purifier is working well.

3. Production of Ozone

A lot of people are unaware that air purifiers produce like a lot of other appliances. When the appliance operates it produces Ozone as one of its by-products. This odor is almost like a chlorine smell, and it does not smell exactly like plastic.

If you notice this strange smell, you should be careful because ozone can cause a wide range of breathing problems. You should undoubtedly replace your air purifier if you feel your lungs are irritated by it.

4. Burning Plastic

Tiny bits of plastic can get trapped in the wrong places of the purifier, and while the appliance functions these plastic parts can heat up. Eventually, some parts might start burning which can produce an intolerable plastic burning smell.

Any sign of overheating of your air purifier is a clear indication that you should turn it off. Moreover, if you stay in a room with burning plastic fumes, you can cause some severe damage to your lungs.

5. Broken UV Light Filter

You may have not known this, but there is a UV light in this appliance, and if its filter becomes faulty in any way, it can start to produce some pretty bad smells. For instance, this could be the answer to why black plastic smells in the air purifier smell.

6. Dusty Air Filters

If you do not clean the filters and the filter vent of your air purifier now and then, the ventilation may become poor, which can cause many issues. Your machine can overheat quickly, which can lead to a plastic smell.

Additionally, it will also be much less effective in purifying the air. A dirty filter can also leave a weird musty smell in the room.

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Final Words

We hope we were able to help you find out the root of this foul plastic smell coming from your appliance. Follow this list, and tick off everything, so it’s easy for you to find the reason. If you still can’t figure it out, then call a mechanic to check it for you.

Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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