Why Does My Air Purifier Smell Like Fish? All Possible Reasons!

Air purifier purifies the air, removes dirt, and eliminates any bad smell. But sometimes, your air purifier might produce some weird smells when it starts dysfunctioning.

You might even notice your air purifier generating a funky odor you generally get from a fish. But why does my air purifier smell like fish? Well, this could be a serious problem generating from the filter you use for the air purifier or even the gas filling up inside.

So, let’s learn about the reasons here.

Reasons Why Your Air Purifier Smells Like Fish

There is a particular reason behind every smell you get from the air purifier. It might smell like plastic, like chlorine, like sweets, or even like a wet dog. Let’s see what could be the problem when your air purifier starts smelling like a fish.

1. Overheated Plastic

The most common reason behind your purifier smelling like a fish might be the plastic in your electrical components heating up too much, causing the plastic to melt down. So in case you smell such a weird fish odor, consider calling up a technician to check all your electrical wires and lines to make sure if it is okay or not.

2. Faulty HVAC System

Although chances are less for the smell to generate from your HVAC system, there is no harm in checking it. The odor might be carried through the HVAC system, so turn it off to find out if your intuition is correct.

If your house still smells like a fish, consider plugging off every electrical device and narrowing it down to places where the odor might be coming from.

3. Ventilation

Another possible reason could be your ventilation system not getting enough space to ventilate. So, go and check your ventilation system if it is working properly or not.

Sometimes, bad smells from outside could get inside your house and get trapped due to not having proper ventilation. So, make sure the ventilation is maintained properly or you could also suffer from airborne diseases due to the trapped air in your house.

4. Dirty Filters

The filters inside your air purifier might get dirty due to dust accumulation, and getting it cleaned in a while. This might generate weird smells inside your house. So, check the filters in your air purifier and clean it properly to get rid of the bad smells looming around your house.

5. Ingrown Moulds

Sometimes, when you have been using your air purifier for a long time, it starts to grow mushy and has molds growing in them. This generates weird smells inside the house and can also cause airborne diseases. It is hazardous to your health. So, consider cleaning your air purifier once or twice in three to six months.

Final Words

Although air purifiers take the responsibility to purify the air inside your house and make it dust free, they might also generate some unpleasant smells when it is not properly maintained. So consider checking your air purifiers regularly and cleaning them to avoid such situations.

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

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