Why Does an Air Purifier Put Out Cool Air?

Air purifiers are an essential commodity because of the increased level of air pollution. They can provide your home and surroundings with clean and fresh air.

However, even though they can purify your air, they cannot make it cooler. If you are thinking, why does an air purifier put out cool air? Well, even though there are no cooling elements, it circulates the air, which creates a cooling sensation on your skin.

Here, we will discuss why your air purifier gives you a cooling sensation in detail.

Does Air Purifier Blow Out Cold Air?

An air purifier does not actually put out cold air. They do not have an air conditioning feature. However, most of the time air purifier can give your air a cooling sensation that might make you think that cold air is coming out from your air purifier.

There could be several reasons behind this. Here is a list of causes that make you think your air purifier puts out cold air.

  • Close to the Vent

If you are standing too close to the air channel of your air purifier, you might feel chilled air coming out of the outlet. The airflow is quite powerful near the vent of the air purifier.

Due to this increased level of airflow, when you stand near your air purifier, you feel a strong cool breeze coming out of the air purifier.

  • Clean Air

Air purifiers filter out all the toxins, contaminants, dust mites, and pollens from your air. As a result, you get purified and clean air in your home. Clean and fresh air gives you a cooling sensation.

So, the cold air you are feeling coming out of the air purifier is actually an outcome of fresh air.

  • Sweating

After sweating, the heat evaporates the sweat from your skin. As a result, you start to feel cold. If you are sitting in a room with an air purifier at that time, the breeze from the air filter is adequate enough to make you feel cold.

  • Air Movement

An air ionizer causes a faster motion of your air. We know when air is moving rapidly, it can cause you to feel cold. So, the cold air you think is coming out of your air purifier might actually be caused by quick air movement.

  • Dyson Pure Cool Series

Air purifiers from the Dyson Pure Cool range have the ability to cool down your room. Along with all the other features of an air purifier, the cleaners from the Dyson Pure cool series have an additional cooling fan to make your room cold.

So, if you are a user of this series of air purifiers, cold air will come out of your air purifier.

Cool Air Is Not Coming Out Of Your Air Purifier

Now you know the reasons behind an air purifier making you feel cold. But none of the air that comes out of the air purifier is actually cold as these purifiers do not have an air-cooling function. Several circumstances cause a cooling sensation when you use an air purifier. We hope we were able to give you a definite answer on why does an air purifier put out cool air and removes any confusion you might have had before.

Last Updated on September 4, 2022

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