Why Is The Alpine Living Air Purifier Sparking?

The Alpine Living Air is a commonly used air purifier. What makes this special is its high efficiency despite its analogous design and outlook. Also, it offers decent flexibility in terms of controls.

Yet, it’s not a perfect device, and some users experienced sparking. So, why is the Alpine Living air purifier sparking? The reason behind this can be a malfunctioning ozone generator or stuck debris.

In this article, we’ll discuss this problem in depth so you know what’s causing the problem in your Alpine air purifier. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how you can fix it.

Why Is the Alpine Living Air Purifier Sparking?

The Alpine living air purifier is an ionizer air purifier. This means that the air purifier comes with an ozone generator that helps create negative static energy in the device. This negative ion is utilized for drawing airborne particles and capturing them.

Not only do they capture the airborne particles, but they’re also disinfected, deodorized, and removed.

Despite this, ozone generators in air purifiers can malfunction. This is one of the factors that lead to a sparking air purifier.

The other factor that might be at play here is stuck debris in the internal mesh wire of the device. The mesh wire is what stays charged negatively for collecting the positive particles.

The thing is that the wire is meant to catch the smaller airborne particles only, while the larger debris is usually filtered out. However, small particles can gather over time and create large debris.

Such debris can create a sparking or zapping sound continuously, so this one should be considered as well.

How to Fix the Sparking of Alpine Air Purifier?

As we’ve mentioned two probable reasons for the sparking, you can try two different paths to fix these problems.

Firstly, the easier method. Turn the device off and open the device up. Look for the filter and check if there’s any large debris stuck on the filter or not. Clean the filter thoroughly and put it back in.

This should solve the problem for some. If it doesn’t, you need to opt for the second and a bit more complicated method.

In this, you turn the device off and open it up the same way. However, instead of going for the filters, you have to focus on the ozone plates this time. Now, you’ll find at least two ozone plates in the device. However, depending on the device, there may be more than two.

While the problem may be with one plate only, it’s safer to replace all the plates. You can find these as set on the official Alpine website. Replacing them should fix the problem for you.


To sum up, there are two reasons why Alpine living air purifiers spark. Firstly, it might be caused by large debris stuck to the filter. If not, the problem lies in the ozone plates.

Whatever the reason, just follow the instructions we discussed in the previous section. If the filter is cleaned properly and the ozone plates are replaced, the air purifier will likely stop sparking.

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

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