Where To Put Humidifier? – The Golden Tips And Rules To Find The Right Placement

You have made the right choice in getting a humidifier. It will greatly improve the overall comfort of your home during the dry seasons.

However, getting a good humidifier is not the end of the story. To get the most out of it, you should know where to put humidifier.

The humidifier’s general and optimal placement is two to four feet above the ground. This position will allow the device to distribute moisture evenly throughout the entire space. Also, it will prevent the chances of mold growing on the ceiling.

But that is not all you need to know regarding the placement of a humidifier in your home.

There are a lot of tips and tricks that can help you figure out the optimal location. Read to know all about them.

Why Is the Location So Important?

If you want to get the most out of the humidifier, you need to know where to place the humidifier in the bedroom.

In fact, if you do not put the device in an optimal location, the functionality will decrease by 30 percent.

Now, getting 30 percent less from something does not sound nice, does it?

On the other hand, when you find the correct placement, you increase the effectiveness of the humidifier by at least 15 percent.

Humidifier Placement Guide

So, when it comes to figuring out the correct placement for the humidifier, you need to keep the following factors in mind –

Select a Spot Where the Airflow Rate Is Maximum

The mist that the humidifier releases in the air must be dispersed throughout the room.

Otherwise, the air in that specific spot will be too high, and you will notice that the air in the other parts is dry.

So, before anything else, you must find the spot with the maximum airflow. But how much of an impact does proper airflow have?

For example, you will notice that the air around the vicinity of the humidifier is around 80 percent, whereas the rest will have about 30 percent.

Now, when it comes to finding a spot with high airflow, the spot between a door and window is an excellent choice.

Likewise, the location between a window and another is also a great choice.

Do Not Keep the Humidifier on the Ground

You should place the humidifier on the spot at least 2 feet off the ground. However, you do not want to go too high.

The distance between the ceiling needs to be at least 4 feet from the humidifier.

Wondering why the distance from the ceiling matters?

When you place the humidifier too close to the ceiling, water droplets will start forming on the ceiling.

That will eventually result in the paint breaking apart. In the worst-case scenario, you could find yourself dealing with mold.

Nonetheless, a shortcut approach would be to place the humidifier on top of a table.

For example, the nightstand near your bed. That placement will satisfy the distance requirements from the ground and ceiling.

Place the Device Near the Heaters

Areas near a heating source will have relatively low humidity. As a result, in winter, you might feel the places near the room heater having drier air than the rest of the room.

And that is not something you would want. So, you should consider placing the humidifier near the heating source.

On that note, it is not just about the humidity level. Areas near the fireplace will even have better airflow.

How so?

Well, warm air tends to rise to the ceiling. While it rises, the cool air from the ceiling comes below.

Avoid Placing the Humidifiers Near a corner

By far, corners are the worst place to put humidifiers on. Wondering why?

Well, there are two main reasons –

  • The corners of a room have the lowest amount of airflow. Therefore, the device cannot correctly disperse the moisture to the other parts of the room.
  • Generally, the corners of the room have higher-than-average levels of humidity. So, when you put the humidifier in the corners, you will increase the humidity too much. And that can initiate a mold problem.

Here, a shortcut approach would be to place the humidifier as close to the center as possible. Now, this might not be possible for a bedroom.

Well, in that case, you can set up a chair or a table in a place that is not close to the corners. Ensure the table or chair is at least 3 feet off the ground, and place the humidifier there.

Do Not Place the Humidifier Near Electronic Devices

No matter what, you should not place the humidifier near electronic devices. Electronics and water do not go well together.

So, if you set up the humidifier near the electronics, there will be a high chance of the device getting damaged and losing functionality.

On that note, you should also pay special attention to the outlets and extension cords.

Do not place the humidifier near those because the moisture can get inside and cause a short circuit.

Try to Move the Humidifier Around

Firstly, ask yourself why you would want to find the correct placement of the humidifier. To ensure an even distribution, right?

You can maximize it by moving the humidifier from one place to another.

Yes, if you are frequently moving the location of the humidifier, you will need to do a lot of unplugging and plugging.

But the fact that you can effectively increase the humidity of the entire room will make it worth it.

However, when you are moving the device around, make sure to keep other crucial factors in mind.

That includes selecting a place high off the ground and avoiding the corners.

Why You Should Not Place the Humidifier on the Floor?

Wondering why putting a humidifier on the floor is not a good idea? Well, there are some specific reasons behind it.

Allow us to explain –

The Airflow Is Not Optimal on the Floors

Air is usually static near the floor. And as you know, if you place the humidifier in a place that lacks airflow, there will not be a proper humidity distribution.

In other words, the device will not work effectively.

There Will Be Spillage on the Floor

No matter how good of a humidifier you have, there is always a chance of leaking and spillage.

So, when you are putting the humidifier on the floor, you will risk damaging the floor material.

Furthermore, you can accidentally trip the device while walking.

When that happens, not only the water inside will spill on the floor, and you can even damage some of the device’s internal components.

The Floor Is Not a Pet-Friendly or Kid-Friendly Location for the Humidifier

If you have pets or kids in your home, you should think twice before placing the humidifier on the floor. The pet or the kid can get injured by tripping over the humidifier at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t you put a humidifier on the floor?

The floor is not the right place to set the humidifier on. Firstly, the floor has little to no airflow, so the humidity will not get dispersed evenly. Secondly, you will find spillage and leakage on the floor, which can damage the flooring. Finally, the placement will be a trip hazard.

2. Can I put a humidifier near the TV?

You should not place the humidifier near any electronics. That includes the TV. Basically, the air around the device will have the highest humidity level. And the excess moisture from the air can get into the electronic circuitry. That will eventually cause short circuits and damage the components.

3. What surface should a humidifier sit on?

It is a good idea to place the humidifier on a non-wood surface. Why? These devices are known to leak from time to time. And water can put permanent damage to wood. So, you should not place the humidifiers directly on wooden surfaces.

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Final Words

When figuring out where to put humidifier, you just have to keep three basic things in mind.

First, do not choose a location that does not have good enough airflow. That includes the floor.

Secondly, choose a spot that is not near the room’s corners. Finally, avoid placing the device near electronics.

Last Updated on January 4, 2023

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