How To Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

Dyson is among the most reliable air purifier brands. The devices it offers are highly efficient at keeping the air in your room clean.

However, just like any other air purifier out there, you will need to carry out some maintenance to keep the air purifier running optimally.

Now, when it comes to maintaining the device, learning how to clean Dyson air purifier filter is one of the first things you need to focus on.

If you do not clean the filtration unit properly, it will not effectively capture contaminants.

But you do not have to worry too much as the process is straightforward.

Finding it hard to believe that statement? Continue reading and find out how easy the steps actually are!

How to Clean the Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

You do not have to go through any intricate steps to clean the Dyson air purifier fan filter. It just takes these five simple steps –

1.    Turn the Air Purifier and Take the Plug Out of the Outlet

Before anything else, you will need to turn the air purifier off. Press the switch and make it stop the purification operation. But that is not all!

You also need to disconnect the plug from the wall socket. This will add a layer of security to the filtration cleaning process.  

So, do not work on the device with the plug on the outlet.

2.    Take the Filter Out of the Air Purifier

Now that the air purifier is off, you need to take the filter out of the device. This filtration unit is at the bottom portion of the air purifier.

And to get to it, you need to first take the housing off. Get a proper grip and pull the cover out of the device.

As the housing is held in place with clicking tabs, pulling it out will not be that hard.

Once you get the cover off, you should see the cylindrical air purification filter. Like the cover, most Dyson air purifiers have two filtration units.

One on each side. You need to take both of them out.

3.    Wash the Filters Using Cold Water

After taking the filter unit out of the device, you just have to put the air filter under running water. However, do not use hot water to clean the filter.

You will damage the fibers of the purification filter by doing so. Instead, use cold water. Just let the running water do all the cleaning.

Alongside that, you do not want to use any dishwasher or detergent. These cleaning solutions will, again, damage the fabric of the filtration unit.

4.    Dry the Filter

There is really no need to blow dry the air purification filter. The heat can damage it. Also, you do not want to put the filter inside the microwave.

Instead, just leave the wet filter in a warm place for around 24 hours.

5.    Put the Filter Back in Place

At this point, you should have a clean and dry air purifier filter. And all you need to do is put the filter unit back in place.

Just follow the reverse process of you taking the filter out.

That is, push the filter halves back in the bottom part of the air purifier and then push the cover. You should hear a click when pushing the filter.

How Do You Reset Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

After replacing the filtration unit, you need to reset the air purifier filter life indicator. Without resetting it, it will give a false warning in the future.

Nonetheless, here are the steps for resetting the filter –

  • Take the remote of the air purifier.
  • Find the ‘Night Mode’ button on the remote control.
  • Press and hold the button for a while.

After pressing and holding the button, you will see a countdown on the screen. When this countdown reaches zero, the filter will reset, and you can use the purifier.

When Should I Replace My Dyson HEPA Filter?

Firstly, how long do the Dyson air purifier filters last? Well, according to Dyson, the lifespan of HEPA filters is 12 months.

But it does not necessarily mean that the filter will get damaged or become unusable after 1 year. Instead, it will not be as effective as it was.

So, it is a good idea not to use the Dyson air purifiers for more than 1 year. But this factor highly depends on the use case of the air purifier.

If you are not keeping the purifier on pretty much 24/7, the filter can last longer than 12 months. Still, you need to stick with what Dyson is stating.

In other words, it’s best to replace the Dyson filter once every 12 months.

Regardless of the load that you are putting on the air purifier, you should replace the filter every 12 months.

How Do You Clean the Dyson Air Purifier?

The maintenance process of the Dyson air purifier does not only involve cleaning the filter. Instead, you should also clean the exterior.

And for that, you need to follow these steps –

  • First of all, you need to turn the device off. Make sure that the device is not connected to the wall. Otherwise, there will be a chance of an accident occurring.
  • Get yourself a clean cloth and wipe the interior part of the ring. While wiping, opt for swift motions. Why? Well, other wiping motions will increase the risk of you putting scratches on the surface.
  • Dust off the cloth or get another piece of cloth and clean the ring’s exterior. Also, you can use a moist cloth, a wet paper towel, or baby wipes if available.
  • Get a vacuum cleaner and attach a tube or brush attachment to it. Use it to clear out the vents of the air purifier.
  • To get the rest of the dust or debris from the exterior, use a piece of dry cloth or paper towel. Opt for quick wipe movements to get them off the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you wash a Dyson air purifier filter?

Although many will state that the Dyson air purifier filters are washable, they are not. You can not wash them. Rather, you will need to rinse them. When you wash the filters, you will damage the fibers of the filtration unit. And that will eventually make the unit less capable of capturing the contaminants from the air.

2. Can you clean a Dyson air purifier filter?

It is surely possible to clean a Dyson air purifier filter. All you need to do is hold the filter unit under running water. Make sure that the water is not warm or hot. Otherwise, you will lower the lifespan of the filter and will eventually have to replace it sooner than later.

3. How do you clean a Dyson HEPA filter?

To clean the Dyson HEPA filter, you need to take the filter out and rinse it with cold water. No matter what, you should not use any form of cleaning solution. That includes detergent and washing powders. These can be harsh to the fibers that are present in the filter. And eventually, the fibers can wear out faster.

4. How often should you wash Dyson filters?

You need to wash the Dyson air purifier filters once every three months. However, if your home’s air quality is not good, you should consider cleaning it once a month. That will help the filter to clear out the contaminants effectively.

5. What happens if you don’t replace Dyson filter?

The filters will get clogged up. This clogging will not only make the air purifier incapable of cleaning the air but also can make the air purifier not function at all. That is why you should not use an air purifier for more than 12 months. And in severe conditions, consider replacing the filter twice a year.

Final Words

As you can see, learning how to clean Dyson air purifier filter is not as hard as you might have thought.

The process involves just five steps. And none of the steps are complicated.

Even if you did not work with air purifiers before, you can certainly clean Dyson’s air purifier filter without any issues now.

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

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